Double Dragon Remake By Celestin X

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Double Dragon Remake By Celestin X

Post  celestinx on Sat Feb 09, 2013 12:34 pm

[added 31st oct 2011]

Name: This is my 6th mod - Double Dragon Remake
Genesis/megadrive version & the Mastersystem version!
By Celestin X and some help from Crystalix

v2 - - 3 bug fixes
v3 - 1 bug fix

new v3 links
Download Link: MU (9.5mb) [no password]
or filebeam - (9.5mb) [no password]

other people are welcome to upload to other sites, if you do so let me know and i will update those links to my 1st post.


In this mod you can choose either the genesis or mastersystem verison of double dragon
(some levels have been changed a little to work in the sorrmaker but if you know double dragon i hope you will both know and love this mod)


- 4 levels for the genesis mode
- 4 levels for the mastersystem mode
- (8 levels in total)
- multi routes so you can change from genesis to masterystem after each level if you want
- double dragon music

Special thanks to
- Crystalix
- Don Vecta
- BoMbErLiNk and BoMbErgames



let me know what you think

[coming soon…..I hope]

-Celestin X

v2 changes / bug fix list

1. genesis level 3 moved sor1 Galsia to jump onto the scene because he wouldnt walk in
2. mastersystem level 3 moved bad guys the other side of the bridge so they dont get stuck
3. removed the police car special on all levels to the helicopter due to a glitch on level4 when using the car.

v3 bug fix

1. mastersystem stage1 jump in guy error (getting stuck) has not been changed to jump down

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Re: Double Dragon Remake By Celestin X

Post  6566328 on Sun Feb 10, 2013 5:55 pm

This is my video for this MOD,Lost 3 lives


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Re: Double Dragon Remake By Celestin X

Post  Shadow Fist King on Mon Aug 12, 2013 4:26 am

Downloaded and played, and right now I will have to be quite straightforward: While it was nice to reminisce about the days of the original Double Dragon, and the music was bouncy and upbeat, a few little things got to me while playing the mod. Helicopters inside buildings (i.e. being able to use that police call in places where it ought not to be able to be used)? Plus there was one section on the second stage, where you have to cross the bridge, where it seemed that my player character (Axel in this case) was walking over the railing; it would probably have been better if you could have edited the railing out of the scene somehow, because right there it looks really awkward.

I will admit it was pretty fun to be able to shoot up all the Robot X's and Mr. X bosses at the very end of the game. Finally, giving every incarnation of X a taste of his own medicine with his Tommy gun and arm-cannon! Ha!

I rate this 3.5 out of 5.

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Re: Double Dragon Remake By Celestin X

Post  kmc on Thu Aug 22, 2013 9:59 am

How can you already have 2 stars in the beginning of the demo video?


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Re: Double Dragon Remake By Celestin X

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