Lone Wolf: A Werewolf Post Apocalyptic Beat-Em Up RPG

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Lone Wolf: A Werewolf Post Apocalyptic Beat-Em Up RPG

Post  lonewolf on Sat Feb 09, 2013 7:08 am

Lone Wolf: A Post Apocalyptic Beat-Em Up Role Playing Game. This action/adventure game lets a player use martial arts skills, weapons, and turn into a werewolf to fight their way through a world set in the aftermath of post nuclear devastation.

I am a big fan of the Streets of Rage series, and I loved SORR, really brought back a lot of memories and had fun playing it all over again in a new way. I've been working on this game for a while now, I figured it has matured enough to post here, it is very much in the vein of Streets of Rage with some RPG elements thrown in to give it more depth.

All the character art is hand drawn and colored on the computer, the environment is done in 3D, this is all still a work in progress, I'm adding more features as the development continues so there will be more to see as the development goes on.

I'm working on more characters at the moment, and more weapons and moves for the
characters as well.

Any feedback is welcome, but don't expect this to be the next Streets of Rage, like I said it's roots are there, but it will be much different in the way you build your character and move through the storyline, it is also not sidescrolling, you can go back and forth to other areas of the game and find new items, quests, etc. A lot of the combat will mimic Streets of Rage, so if you enjoy the combat, you will probably enjoy the combat in this game.

There is no free version or demo available yet, only released alphas to pre-order holders.

The newest alpha build 0.3.5 is ready for download! Log in to your Play-Em account and download the latest version!

The following changes were made:

3 more Small Throwing weapons for Lone Wolf and Brok! Pipe Bomb, Molotov Cocktail, and a Grenade. All new effects, sounds, and animations for the weapons. (Sounds are not finalized just placeholders) This makes it 28 different weapons for the characters to use, this will finish it for now!

Moves for the new weapons are just press Punch to throw the weapons, they have no special moves related to them.

Fixed some minor bugs, added new grab punch animations to be a right cross and left hook for Brok, also added jump grab punching and kicking.

Updated the user manual to include the new weapons and updated control schemes, icons for character skills and weapons.

The last 3 weapons for now are added in, the only way you can use them is to throw them at a distance from the enemy. They all are very limited and very powerful weapons that you can use to get yourself out of a bad situation or finish off a group of enemies. The molotov cocktails are deadly since you and your allies can catch fire if you throw it too close, so give it some distance before you lob fiery death upon your enemies. Death moves for the characters are next, then I'll code the Stealthy AI. I will most likely implement stealing along with the Stealthy AI, and then code in and make the lighting for night and day changes as well as weather after that.

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Re: Lone Wolf: A Werewolf Post Apocalyptic Beat-Em Up RPG

Post  Don Vecta on Sat Feb 09, 2013 10:17 am

Question, isn't that in the forum rules not to advertise other projects? Especially if they are making profit out of it?

7. Do not advertise recurrently or for self-benefit on the forums.


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Re: Lone Wolf: A Werewolf Post Apocalyptic Beat-Em Up RPG

Post  Charco on Sat Feb 09, 2013 5:20 pm

I agree, let's start as we me to go on on this forum. No advertisements for profit. Locking.

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Re: Lone Wolf: A Werewolf Post Apocalyptic Beat-Em Up RPG

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