[Tutorial] Map collision

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[Tutorial] Map collision

Post  Charco on Thu Jan 10, 2013 8:09 pm

*Original post by Bomberlink

This is only useful if you want complex walls and pits, you can define walking areas from sormaker without a collision map, such as vectorial areas.

The idea is as simple as paint over the original pic with a specific color :

Each color has a function, these are the colour references for the game :
Pit, 000,000,000 (RGB, black color)
Wall, 000,128,000 (RGB, green color)
Walking area, 000,064,128 (RGB, blue color)

* This works for most of the stages of Sor2 and Sor3, for multiple floors (sor1 elevator) or very specific stage behaviours you could use Sormaker.

* You can paint the map in different sizes : 1:1, 1:2, 1:4, while 1:4 saves memory, 1:1 has pixel perfect precision.
* Pits should be drawn on the bottom of the stage .. or use layers to overlap the fall.
* Wall is usually bigger than the original pic, you dont want the foot of the char over the wall.
* Imagine, any type of collision is possible :

(This could work for a jungle area, 2 trees, and a secret route)

You can block the limit of the map by adding green areas, but you can leave open areas as well, this is the behaviour of the map out of the limits :


Remember, any wrong pixel is going to be noticed in the game, different colours may block the walking as well.

If you are building a map collision for stage1a.fpg, create a new fpg called stage1a_map.fpg, the map should be added on the position 001.

FPG must be 16bits (RGB).

From the editor you can enable or disable the map collision anytime.

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Re: [Tutorial] Map collision

Post  Garcia75 on Thu Apr 17, 2014 9:18 am

When the collision map is enabled, you cannot put any Jets, Vehelits and Robot Y on the map

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Re: [Tutorial] Map collision

Post  Don Vecta on Thu Apr 17, 2014 1:47 pm

Garcia75 wrote:When the collision map is enabled, you cannot put any Jets, Vehelits and Robot Y on the map

That's right.

I guess the logic for this is not about the collisions themselves, but the pits as these enemies are hovering enemies. I think there's a lot of conflict in how to deal if they're thrown down (you know, slammed into the black areas, or whether if they could survive as by nature they're floating most of the time)


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Re: [Tutorial] Map collision

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