What are your favourite mods and why?

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What are your favourite mods and why?

Post  RyeRaze on Thu Feb 16, 2017 11:35 pm

I guess a post like this should be fine. Let's recomend some mods out of your favourites, especially for newbies. Keep in mind, the objetive of this post is to share your PERSONAL view, not to diminish nor discourage mod creators. Without further ado, here are mine in no particular order:

-H.U.N.T.E.R. Very solid mod, great plot, excelent stage design. Mods don't get much better than this, imo.
-At The Movies. This is a very well done mod overall, but it's very brilliance lies in the "Warriors" stages. It perfectly captured the mood of the movie. But the whole concept of the mod is great.
- Adam's Extended Story. If you were like me, and wondered what the hell was Adam doing in the meantime, this is for you. Though it's given a non-official story for Adam (as far as Sega is concerned), it doesn't need it; that's how good this mod is. Plus: it Rick-Rolls the player.
-Way Of The Warrior. Probably the most technically impressive mod EVER. Unlockables, nice plot, great graphics, excellent music- if this mod was a man I would turn gay. My personal fave, no doubt.
-CajNatalie's SOR1, SOR2, SOR3 - Maybe my nostalgia glasses are on, but how can you not show love for the originals?

At the moment I can't think of more mods (though there definetly are other mods that are as great), but I'm just curious about yours. Post away! Cool

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Re: What are your favourite mods and why?

Post  Security on Fri Feb 17, 2017 9:13 am

Way of the Warrior. An excellent mod, personal favorite, hands down. 4 different routes, interesting scenario, nice music selection and great stage design! Can't have enough of it!

Everything from CajNatalie! This prodigious modder created masterpieces beyond compare! I enjoyed "Golden Rage v2" a lot, since i am an old Golden Axe junkie (was playing it in the arcades, even)! Then, her Sor 1 collection, Sor 2 collection and Ultimate Streets of Rage 3, are a tribute to the original games, an attempt to "emulate" them more faithfully than the normal game does, but they are full of twists, renovations and obviously, traps (this cat is dangerous!)!

25th birthday mod, the winter/christmas mod and evil city (was it)? From Mr. Hedgehog Russia-guy... Great music selection and very well made mods, some of them slightly funny...

HUNTER game of the year mod and the Story of Adam are great, top quality choices. HUNTER is quite hard (i always play mania, so this is saying something), you must always be on edge while playing it... And other mods from the same people are good, such as "To the Movies", but i have played many and i don't remember names well.

Some old platforms made into SORR mods are good, too, such as those from Alien VS Predator, TNMT, King of Dragons, Warriors of Fate, Knights of the Round, Power Rangers... Some of them, from the same modder, have wrong links and i had played their older versions, so i can't guarantee anything about their newer version, or the "for 5.1" version...

The battle for Rio 1 and 2 have a special spot in my gamer's heart. They are great, very well worked...

Some "strange" ones, that don't have a solid/proper story, but are of the variety "throw a multitude of bunch of enemies in your face constantly and that's that", can be a little bit fun... Such as the Battle for the Freemasons and The Godfather. Guy who made them has some other ones too, i think.

And there are new(er) ones coming! People get more and more creative here, by the day! That Konami Vendetta something was also, quite interesting!

That's all i have played and can guarantee! You can't go wrong with any!


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