SoRRV5 Online Interactive Play with Beam

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SoRRV5 Online Interactive Play with Beam

Post  CajNatalie on Mon Oct 10, 2016 12:06 pm

We've been experimenting. Wink

Controls are embedded under an interactive stream.
Clicking in the general area of the controls allows you to use your keyboard to control the 2nd player in the streamer's V5.
With JoyToKey or a similar program, you can map the keys to use a gamepad.
This morning I had Vanza drop in with Mr. X - very laggy and awkward due to the Atlantic Lag, but it was functional and doesn't unlock control of my computer (i.e. no TeamViewer). Very Happy

The only issue is locking the controls to one specific user. I need to figure that out, otherwise anonymous viewers can interfere with player 2.
But at the same time... Beam Plays SoRRV5, lol.

Update: Just did a Beam Plays V5 experiment XD might even still be live when you read this.

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