What is your beloved player to use?

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What is your beloved player to use?

Post  Security on Fri Mar 11, 2016 1:47 pm

A. From power perspective.
B. From aesthetic perspective, beauty/appearance.
C. From overall "coolness" or badass-ery!

Mine are:

A. Max. Especially the 2-star move, rocks hard and parties wildly! That thing is a beast! Plus, only player i managed to beat a full route in mania, with!

B. Elle. Girl is lovable. Especially the scarlet/crimson dress with blonde hair palette, seems extremely gorgeous!

C. Mr.X... Suit and tommy-gun, evil grin, taste in cigar and wine and best "police-call" i have ever seen, lol...

*spoiler*: "You expect ME to call the police? Ha ha ha!"!.....

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Re: What is your beloved player to use?

Post  Don Vecta on Fri Mar 11, 2016 2:55 pm

A. Max. An avid Max player myself, he's definitely a quintessential character to destroy EVERYTHING in his way. Technical, damaging, badass and overall fun to play with. My all-time favorite.
B. Rudra. For me, she's pure style and technique. fluid movements, amazing animation and a gorgeous concept between a goth and a ninja. I love her.
C. Zan. Underestimated by many, Dr. Gilbert is without question a super fun character to play with. Due of all the skills he has, he's definitely the authority of crowd control: science attacks, reach, safe and spammable blitzes, weapon master (including firearms), grabs and throws that allow him to space himself, multi-hit jump down attack that haunts anyone (specially those fucking Jets!), he's really a badass and fun factor x10000.


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Re: What is your beloved player to use?

Post  CajNatalie on Fri Mar 11, 2016 5:36 pm

Power: Adam
I like quick animations and high mobility, so Adam is as heavy as I go.
Very consistent high damage output, and never has to stand still.
Aesthetic: Axel3
His fighting style in general is flashy and awesome, even if its impracticality causes problems.
The way his clothes fold over every muscle and joint in his body in every animation he makes; he is a body-building martial artist running through the streets.
Axel2 is just a cartoon in comparison.
Badass: Zan
A technologically-enhanced old man who is master of crowd control. What could be more fun or gratifying than pilotting such a character?
Not to mention he is a genius; so he has achieved a high degree of both strength of body and strength of mind.

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Re: What is your beloved player to use?

Post  scalliano on Sat Mar 12, 2016 3:21 am

Power: Max. Who else can break the spines of five mooks at once?
Aesthetic: SoR1 Blaze. The most athletic fighting style of the entire roster IMO (chars w/rollerblades don't count Razz) and probably the character I play as the most. A good balance of speed and power, and a well-timed rear attack is one of the coolest things to behold. Face, meet heel.
Badass: Rudra. In all seriousness, she gives both Joe Musashi and Ryu Hayabusa a run for their money in the awesome stakes.

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Re: What is your beloved player to use?

Post  Jonny1989 on Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:14 pm

Power: Shiva - He is unstoppable if used correctly.

Aesthetic: ME - Because I'm such a darling. Embarassed

Coolness: Roo - Because he is an animal and animals are cool.................... and his moveset can be pretty fun if you use him correctly in an unconventional manner. his running attack followed by a -> special can be a deadly sequence.


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Re: What is your beloved player to use?

Post  DarkThief on Tue Mar 07, 2017 10:49 pm

Power: Skate 2 - Speed, jumps, throws, blitzes...everything except the reach and basic combo really. No-one (alone or group) is safe when you master this guy.
Looks: Elle - Moveset is quite elegant as well as her looks (I use the magenta palette).
Cool: X - Something about the way he moves, together with that big gun of his.

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Re: What is your beloved player to use?

Post  Mr.Chewy-McFluffster2010 on Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:41 pm

The following characters I favored are:

STRENGTH: Mr. X — His standard attacks are the most powerful, especially when he uses his machine gun to obliterate anyone going near him. His only disadvantage is not being able to call for backup thus forfeiting the important 10,000-point bonus in the process.
AESTHETICS: Shiva (SOR2) aka the "old" Shiva — He looks neater and tidier than the "new" variant from SOR3. With his Final Crash move, he has a sure-fire way to take down opponents in one go.
AWESOMENESS: Max — His wrestling expertise does the job perfectly but cannot vault over opponents due to his weight. He is one of the coolest and, in my opinion, the most colorful-looking fighters to use when playing.


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Re: What is your beloved player to use?

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