2013: GOTY, Runner Up, Biggest Let Down, Most Anticipated 2014

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2013: GOTY, Runner Up, Biggest Let Down, Most Anticipated 2014

Post  Saven on Tue Dec 31, 2013 5:43 pm

Yep, it's that time again. Another year has gone by and now we look at the year in review Very Happy

What is your GOTY for 2013, Runner Up for 2013, Biggest Disappointment for 2013, and your Most Hyped Game for 2014?

Overall, I think this has been a pretty good year for video games overall (MUUUUUUUUUCH better than last year gaming wise). There are still a couple of games I want to play still (The Last of Us, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, etc.), so a few games won't be popping up on my list.

My Game of the Year for 2011: Grand Theft Auto V
THIS is what GTAIV should've been. After being really disappointed with how grim, depressing, and overall dull the 4th entry felt, I really got what I wanted from the previous entries back with this title. GTAV brings back the comedic atmosphere that the previous games had and it was overall (IMO at least) the funniest game in the entire series. There were so many great parodies of what's going on around the United States today, and the script was incredibly witty and smart. Truly a black comedy at it's finest.

But thats not the only thing that's great about it. The world was HUGE and the countryside was beautiful to explore. There are still new things that I'm finding on the map today. The first day I played this, I really felt like I was just a small blimp on the entire globe, especially when switching between characters. I knew that I would have A LOT to explore and I felt like a mouse inside a maze.

I loved the new controls and overall revamps to the gameplay, combat mostly. I enjoyed Max Payne 3 and I loved how they pulled it's gunplay system straight out of that game for this one. The car mechanics are still not as friendly as they are in the PS2 era entries, but that's ok, since I feel that this game really perfects car handling (another huge problem I had with GTAIV).

The cast was remarkable. Not only did it have a great main cast, but it also had some pretty good supporting characters behind them too. I really enjoyed Michael and his family as characters (even if they were bitchy Razz). There was also a great supporting character in Lamarr, who was incredibly funny, entertaining, and interesting overall. But the real star in the game is Trevor, even though I already had high hopes for him and immediately wanted to play as him after seeing his introduction trailer, turned out to be a much better character than I could ever hoped for him to be. Trevor is legitimately a Top 10 Video Game character of all time. He's got everything, he's got a great sense of humor, incredibly disturbed, a great background, and just overall entertaining and surprising.

I loved the in-game soundtrack (a first for the series), the music really sets the mood of whats going on on-screen and it reminded me of the old Driver games.

There were a couple things I didn't enjoy, such as the main antagonists, online, and the radio overall. But even then, this game does more good than bad and it really is one of the most ambiguous games I have ever played and easily one of the best at that.

My Runner-up for 2013: DuckTales Remastered
This was an incredible remake of an already incredible game. I could not have asked for a much better remake than what I got here. It was incredibly fun just like the first one, challenging, an AWESOME soundtrack that was redone by the great Jake Kaufman. And even then, all of the new songs are also great and stay true to the original game as well. The only thing I wish I could have done without was the amount of cutscenes that slow the pace down at times throughout the game and the linearity of some levels (Remastered African Mines, I'm looking at you). Another great effort by WayForward at recreating another classic game of the past.

My Biggest Let Down of 2013: God of War: Ascension
Sony really needs to put this series to rest or on hold for awhile, it has gotten so stale. As I have said over and over again, you can only do so much with the same gameplay since 2005. It was refined and maximized in its first two sequels, but after that, the series has gotten so stale that it needs a major makeover. The game did try to change some things around, although in the same douchy fashion that EA does to their Madden games, by GETTING RID OF FEATURES that other games had and calling it new. This game has the most basic combat system out of the entire series (yes, even including the PSP ones) and not surprisingly its the worst in the series. The story was uninteresting and predictable and really just doesn't develop Kratos as a character overall. It was an unnecessary prequel that doesn't do anything storyline in the series and it was an entry that takes a step backwards overall.

My Favorite Song from a video game from 2013: Jake Kaufman - Mount Vesuvius (from DuckTales Remastered)
A new option this year, I was thinking about adding new options this year for specific things like music, so let's see how this goes. Razz 

But anyways, my favorite song from a game in 2013 was:

Like I said earlier, I think Jake Kaufman really nailed the soundtrack from the NES entry and created some original songs that would fit in place if it were still an NES game. On top of that, this song is just INCREDIBLE (and dare I say, better than The Moon?) and really sets the mood of where this song is played at in the game and makes that moment even more memorable.

My Most Anticipated Games for 2014: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain/Ground Zeroes, the rest of The Walking Dead: Season Two, X, Watch Dogs, & The Legend of Zelda Wii U
2014 is also looking like another great year for video games. There are more games than I listed here that I am looking forward to, but these are easily my top 5 that I can't wait to play as the next year comes in. Very Happy 

Yes, that might mean I have to buy a Wii U, even though I still diss it. Razz
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Re: 2013: GOTY, Runner Up, Biggest Let Down, Most Anticipated 2014

Post  Benny26 on Wed Jan 01, 2014 12:57 pm

My GOTY 2013: Grand Theft Auto V.

Felt like it was in development for about 20 years with the drip drip of information, but boy it was worth the pain in the end. Fantastic game from Rockstar, everything a GTA should be. I thoroughly enjoyed every part of it and a first for me was it being the first GTA i ever 100%-ed. Only sad now that the next one wont probably be around until another 5 years Sad

My Runner-UP: Saints Row 4.

This is tough for me because i didn't play many games this year, and there's bound to be a lot more that deserve the runner-up spot but i never sampled, so i can only give what i played. With the disaster that was Saints Row: The Third, I wasn't expecting much from a fourth instalment. This year i didn't pre-order on that fact...instead i waited for the reviews (from real people, not paid bullshit like IGN) and i was sold. Bought the game and was blown away how they turned it round to actually being worth something again.

My Biggest Disappointment of 2013: None

There wasn't a game i bought this year that i felt disappointed with. But then again i didn't buy many.

Favorite Game Song: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - The High Seas

My first bash at a Assassin's Creed game and wow...The soundtrack just blew me away. I'd even go as far as giving it the MGS seal of approval in terms of quality. My favorite track is without a doubt what kicks in when you're going nose to nose in ship battle on the high seas. Just epic.

Most Anticipated: Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain/Ground Zeros.

The only one I'm waiting for...

...and also - Happy New Year! Very Happy

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Re: 2013: GOTY, Runner Up, Biggest Let Down, Most Anticipated 2014

Post  iceweb38 on Wed Jan 01, 2014 2:13 pm

GTAV is your game of the year 2011 Saven? BANNED!!!!!!!!

2013 was an OK year for me, though it had plenty to offer and I have missed some great games which probably would have made my year better, like Beyond Two Souls, BioShock Infinite, Bravely Default, Remember me or Tomb Raider.

My Game of the Year for 2013: Last of Us
Never took the chance to get to the Uncharted series (even though I told Charco maaaaaany times I would when Sony would release a trilogy pack, which happened as expected Razz)
So Last of Us, which was focused on a zombie apocalypse setting, was my first opportunity to find out how capable Naughty Dog are on the PS3.

Gotta say I have not been disappointed. Graphically superb, with a variety of settings and eye candies to propose and extremely detailed characters models and realistic animations, storywise very good and maturely written characters, this game provides you with an entertaining and fascinating journey that despite a certain linearity will keep you just playing until it ends. A ~15 hours adventure that felt really short, really wanted more but hey.
Controls were a bit tough to get used to I thought but that something you overcome quickly.
Right now, I'm waiting for the first DLC solo Naught Dog has teased.

My Runner-up for 2013: Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies
It's been about 6 years since the last Ace Attorney game and you can be sure that when Capcom revealed the newest episode, I got very excited.

The first 3DS episode was the opportunity for Capcom to operate a major overhaul of the game system, the biggest of course is the passage from 2D to full 3D setting and characters.
They really managed something there because they were able to keep the appeal and style of the 2D games. The animations are superb and the characters nicely detailed. All this allows the series to rise to new levels of story presentation with a better and more dynamic staging.

Storywise, it was also a great relief. Phoenix Wright is back as we used to know him, no longer being the awful "I know it all but I won't tell you until you proves worthy" douchebag he was in Appolo Justice but the legendary attorney with an all new design that just adds to his character and show how much he has mature throughout the series.
We also see Apollo Justice again, this time with a much better writing and personality and some backstory to explore this time. He really manages to stand out this time as opposed to the previous game which, ironically, was called Apollo Justice.
And we get a new lawyer, the girl named Athena, who is a welcome addition to the roster with her personality.
The prosecutor, Simon Blackquill, is also wonderful, as it is a murder convict who takes the stand.
The game centers most of its case on Athena and Simon backstory as they are actually linked by some case you'll have to solve in the end.

Along with some of the greatest cases and plot twists the series has had to offer, the game provides also with easily the best soundtrack ever realised for the series!
Not to mention the fact that the interface has been completely revamped, making the game as polished as it could have been.

Capcom really did something there and when they revealed they would announce the next Ace Attorney game next year, I have certainly no OBJECTION!

Honorable mentions: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Rayman Legends, Castle of Illusion Mickey Mouse, Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1, Resident Evil Revelations HD.

My Biggest Let Down of 2013: I'm trying to think but this year hasn't had any negatives.
Perhaps the only thing that comes to mind is Sonic Lost Worlds.
Not to say the game is bad,, I haven't played it after all. But I didn't really get any appeal from it.
Sonic x Super Marios Galaxy as I like to call it looks more to me like a Sonic game made for the Nintendo market (probably hence why it only got released on Nintendo platforms lol). After how Sonic Generations shaped up, I was truly hoping Sonic Team would have kept on this way.
Meh, we'll see what they have to offer next, hopefully something which screams more SEGA to me.

My Favorite Song from a video game from 2013: Well then...

Most anticipated for 2014:
the whole Walking Dead Season 2, which will probably end up being my next game of the year, as the Season 1 did.
Soul Calibur : Lost Swords, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD, Tales of Symphonia Chronicles HD, the next Last of Us DLC, the next Ace Attorney game, Monster Hunter 4 (please Capcom) and any potential Resident Evil game that could get announced.

With all the older games I missed and 4 of my favorite RPG being remastered to HD, 2014 promises to be a very busy year.

EDIT: Sorry everyone, I messed up, I closed the poll by accident when what I wanted to do was undo my vote Sad


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Re: 2013: GOTY, Runner Up, Biggest Let Down, Most Anticipated 2014

Post  Don Vecta on Wed Jan 01, 2014 3:53 pm

Heh, love this ones, here we go:

GOTY: Grand Theft Auto V.

I'm sorry, haters, deal with it. This has to be the hottest game ever done so far.

Fantastic dynamics, awesome main characters, wonderful recreation of Los Santos. Excellent style of alternating 3 main characters instead of 1, fun and entertaining. I loved Michael, Trevor and Franklin and how they developed as characters. The references to several pop culture icons and inspirations is fantastic (like the armored van heist inspired by the movie Heat, for example) is great.

Overall, can't get enough of the game. GTA Online is still meh but can be still improved... I only miss my Super GT car, I really love that baby!

Runner Up: The Last of Us.

I really needed a new game and a new horror survivor. This game doesn't disappoint. Pretty awesome game.

2013 Let down: The whole gaming industry.

I'll avoid a super long speech why gaming it's becoming shit, but to sum it up: the DLC scamming from other companies and how awful was the business model of the new generation has really turned me off in gaming. Not to mention there's really few good options to get to.

Most favorite song in a game:

Laugh at me... but this track just fits so well in Rockford Hills in GTA V, it's full of palm trees, hot girls wearing expensive outfits and a Rapid GT.

Most anticipated for 2014: Watch_Dogs. Enough said.


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Re: 2013: GOTY, Runner Up, Biggest Let Down, Most Anticipated 2014

Post  badjab326 on Sun Jan 05, 2014 2:22 am

I'm short on time lately, so I'll keep it simple.


Runner Up: Injustice: Gods Among Us

Biggest Let Down PS4 & Xbone

Favorite Song featured in a Game

Seems like this is the one song in the game I'll never get tired of, definitely gives me some Vice City vibes.  Smile 

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Re: 2013: GOTY, Runner Up, Biggest Let Down, Most Anticipated 2014

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