"un nuevo jefe" (an old mod reuploaded and improved)

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"un nuevo jefe" (an old mod reuploaded and improved)

Post  Cm_Blast on Thu Dec 19, 2013 3:18 pm

hello, I want to share one of my oldest mods but with some improvement.

"Un nuevo jefe" (A new Boss):
This mod was my first 8 level complete mod, so I just was learning about using sormaker. I barely knew how to use Fpgedit, the perfect size of the stages and all the stuff, so lots of scenarios are ugly (an original 200px Height imagen resized to 240 in a bad way, so the backgrounds are blurred).

Just some scenes are ok because I copy images from internet or copy-paste the Fpg/smk from another mods.

The plot is barely an excuse (and again, the cutscenes don´t have an appropriate size): Mr.X has been defeated but he tried to escape. When you catch him he said he has already chosen a successor to rule the syndicate, so the heroes start looking for that successor.

I don´t changed the backgrounds, cutscenes or plot, just only the gameplay.

these have been the main changes:
- The main core remain the same, I just change some repetitives waves, trying to put others enemies or retire an entire wave and put another one.
- The positioning of some enemies. 
- I retire the tediousness of fighting singles 2 life bars mocks (like a Signal-1, Tiger, Raven, Clown...). Now just high-tier mocks like Jack or a Bongo-2/3 have 2 life bars (but accompanied with others mocks, so it isn´t a 1 vs 1 situation).
- Some enemies now have less healt (no more Galsia, Signal, Robot P1... 1x40 life bar)
- No more 8 enemies surrounding you. They have been divided in different rounds or there are a 5 or 6 max. enemies limit.
- The bosses remains the same, just with some mocks helping then (at least the easiest bosses).
- The food has been relocated to improve its effectiveness.
- Police call remains for the opencast stages.
- The sub-bosses now have just 1,5 life bars instead 2 and remove some of them (no more 2 Antonios, 2 Shouther or 2 Abadedes at the same time).
- Added more enemies for hard and very hard (mania included); no more healt, just more of them. Some of those new enemies can drop food to counter their numbers.

The mod use original palettes and names, but you can use your own palettes.
Only 8 levels, with original Sorr music, no alternative paths.

Just some examples:


Before had 6 Garnets: 4 blues with 30-40 health and 2 green with 60-70 healt.
Now had just green Garnets and green Galsias (few enemies for normal, eight for very hard/mania level <-- again, there is a limit so the eight don´t appear at the same time).


Before had bongos-2 along with Garcías. Now there are Electras (because in other level I putted bongos with garcias, so I change a bit this repetitive wave).


Before I just putted Danch with 3 Roos (dropping the Roos one by one).
Now is that (fill better the purpose of the level).

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