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Re: The Random Blabber Topic

Post  iceweb38 on Wed Nov 30, 2016 9:47 am

That's cute! ^^

On the other hand, Data Discs added two new OST on vinyls:
Revenge of Shinobi and Panzer Dragoon

Revenge of Shinobi shall be mine!!


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hi everyone!. and happy new year

Post  cabo-hicks on Mon Jan 16, 2017 7:52 pm

hi to all guys/girls. i was out for a long time. and i get back wanting to wish to all of you a happy new year.

to vecta: man, im so sorry about what is happening to mexico due to this crap of retarded donald trump. and for the usa people who not vote for this idiot. Sad

saddly, i also came here, to talk about a really really really ANNOYING THING.

i will talk you about "Dross. a venezolan youtuber that speak spanish and that have 10 millions of follower subscribed to all his shit.

dfuring many years, he was an interesting, smart and good youtuber.... doing really interesting videos.

HOWEVER... when he doent know about what talk... he started to do horrorful and terrible videos of gore.
"top the worst accident on the magic story", creepy psicho photos of a young girl before kill her, the last 911 calls to september before the tower collapses and kill the poor man calling for help, other 911 grotest calls, and more shitty and gore stuff like that

their followers, are mostly stupid retarded young guys and "rat kids". who care a shit, if the people on those videos was families, or that these images ARE REAL. not a fuckign movie or fiction. REAL.

until now, he was doing videos like that, sometimes. when he doents know what to do for takes the people attention.

¿their last thing?

upload the video of a young girl commiting suicide with a rope. YES, maybe the video not was so clear, but you can see the poor mad girls saying sorry and commiting suicide.

and i repeat... he did this !ON YOUTUBE!. Sad

also, this egocentric person, who never allow others to do criticism against him, has invented other things like lie about a creepy clown following him on second life. (one buyable bot that later was reported was normal and not was a person).

well, for end this...

dross said, the girl was 18 years old or so...

NO. he was only 12 years old. and after suffered abuses for his stepfather, born on a poor family and has a yunkie mother, she was in treatment and ending like that.

so... the stupid not only uploaded to youtube a video doing criticism on something but SHOWING THE SUICIDE (when he dont shown the sheraton suicide of another girl video saying "for respect to his families").
that also... he lies telling a WRONG story, only for capture the people attention and win many money with the partner.

im so angry now... Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad and even i was about to do a video telling this and showing how disrespectful was this mad gore lover.

who even did the video just the NEXT DAY after the suicide. is increible!!!!. how this shit man can have millions of followers doing shit like that?

the next day after youtube erased the video, AND THEY EVEN DONT STRIKE HIM! (for be one of the most important youtubers), after all this truth about the girls real history was knew, dross said this on his website "el diario de dross":

"it looks youtube erased my video. well, i hope could downloaded the video".

incredible people.. this is the fuck retarded young rat kids and boys we have today... and this mad dross, the gore lover, finally shown his real face without the mask he was.

i erased this specially for vecta too. cause he speaks spanish and also knows what im talking about. can you believe this? well man, thats it. Sad what do you think about dross now?...

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things like change the prehistoric isle ending, play as the enemies in double dragon1&2, sonic codes, etc, etc. Wink

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Re: The Random Blabber Topic

Post  Don Vecta on Tue Jan 17, 2017 4:23 pm

Yeah, the situation in Mexico is seriously fucked up: a weak, evil moron of a president we have that decided it was a great idea to pump the prices of gasoline to exorbitant levels, then the bully fuckwad that Trump is which practically they're threatening us like the weaksauce of a country we are (mainly our piss poor joke of a government)... I revoked my plans to go back home this Chinese New Year and instead decided to chill in Malaysia cuz... well, shit's fucked up back home.

And about Dross... well, I never gave a fawk about him, so fuck him anyways. Razz


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Don Vecta

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Re: The Random Blabber Topic

Post  JoyJoyfulRabbit on Sun Apr 02, 2017 5:06 pm

I just got new laptop after old one dying Very Happy right now I had transfer my files from old to new (It been long time because I havent make sorr mod without mouse). Fun may go on, hopefully you want me to let you my few stages from BK1 and BK3 beta stuff and stages. >_>

But anyway, right now I am enjoyed playing Overwatch and Paladins (not Overwatch clone). :U Before I got new laptop, my tablet, Window Surface Pro 4 had problem with screen because I played Overwatch and Paladins too much... then killed my graphic card @_@. I am not good with knowledge about computer and technology.

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Re: The Random Blabber Topic

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