flatwoods monster, the boss monster of tumble pop!...

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flatwoods monster, the boss monster of tumble pop!...

Post  cabo-hicks on Fri May 24, 2013 1:38 pm

¿who can imagine, that the draw of a suppossed alien from one ovni case of the 50`s, would ended appearing on a 90`s videogame?... lol!

see the shots Laughing Laughing Laughing Wink:


however, i have to say that im a follower of the mistery things. iker jimenez tv/radio programs in spain, and things like that.
but that not means that i believe else thing.. cause as is sayed: "special success must have special proofs"...

but like carl sagan says, theres exist the same number of stars (suns surrounded by planets) than the same number of grains of sand that exist in the earth.

and fuck, this means that there exist a lot of planets outhere! affraid

and sincerelly, knowing how idiots are we the human beings, i dont believe that we must are the only outhere. (or at least thats what i hope Razz Rolling Eyes Laughing Laughing) lol!

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