[Tutorial] How to arm SOR3 Donovans, Truckers, and Bikers with bats.

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[Tutorial] How to arm SOR3 Donovans, Truckers, and Bikers with bats.

Post  graylandertagger on Tue Feb 26, 2013 11:34 pm

I figured I make a turorial on how to extend the varity of weapons enemies can use.

Alot of people may have noticed how in SOR1 where Galsia would sometimes use pipes as weapons. However while you can arm SOR1 Galsia with knives and metal bats, SOR2 bikers and Donovans with pipes, and Truckers with pipes and glass bottles SORmaker doesn't let you arm them with anything else.

However using trial and error I was able to figure out how to extend the variety of weapons these enemies can use. Some of you may recall me telling Don Vecta about this concept. While H.U.N.T.E.R didn't use this feature an exception is made toward an SOR2 biker I encountered in the desert level.

To arm a SOR3 biker, trucker, or SOR3 Donovan with a bat or a SOR1 Galsia with a pipe all you have to do is position a one of the above mentioned enemies in a crouched postion with the desired weapon at their feet(the weapon must be facing in the direction he is facing).

If done properly the enemies sould pick up the weapon the moment he gets up he will be equiped with said weapon and will attack you with it.

I'd like to give out a speical thanks to CajNatalie for explaining how to us this trick for SOR Galsia off screen without using the crouch intro.

CajNatalie wrote:
By the way... an Aggressive SoR1 Garcia when positioned properly will pick up a pipe automatically without crouching 99% of the time.
The 1% of the time is when a player is advancing aggressively with some form of attack that causes the G-man to back off.

With the exception of SOR1 Galsia not sure if you can use this techique for enemies off screen. If anyone can figure out how to please either post how in a reply or send me a PM(i'll mention your name along with a thanks).

I know it's not a massive tutorial, but to me... Well it's something. It kinda adds a bit.

Note:This feature won't work with SOR2 Donovan. Sorry.

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