Streets Of Rage Remake Ultimate Soundtrack

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Streets Of Rage Remake Ultimate Soundtrack

Post  realnabarl on Sun Feb 10, 2013 4:05 pm

Original post by groovemaster303


With over 160 tracks created by a variety of remixers during the development phase. Here is pretty much every complete track composed for Streets Of Rage Remake in high quality mp3 format.

From B-A-C and GeckoYamori to Groovemaster303 and BGM1401 This OST features all of our remixes as well as some bonus tracks created especially for this OST release.

Many thanks must go to Iceweb and Charco who I sent this to a few days ago and they both gave me some pointers on what had been missed out.
Also i'd like to thank Iceweb for uploading this many times yesterday and often getting a failed upload message. It probably drove him insane and yet he stuck at it. Cheers once again my friend. Very Happy

And so here it is...

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I have removed all broken links.

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Re: Streets Of Rage Remake Ultimate Soundtrack

Post  William Assunção on Mon Feb 11, 2013 3:33 pm

here is the missed and some extended musics of the SORR Ultimate OST, there is the some UST bonus mixes then i put into the album.

i hope you enjoy Wink
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