Survival Mod(e): Rounds 5~8 - v1.5 Update: Less Insane Co-Op

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Survival Mod(e): Rounds 5~8 - v1.5 Update: Less Insane Co-Op

Post  Charco on Sat Feb 09, 2013 5:38 pm

Original post by CajNatalie*
-If you struggle with V5 Survival Mode, don't bother. This isn't for you.
-This mod requires the player(s) to adhere to a set of strict rules.
If that doesn't sound good to you, then leave.
But if you say 'challenge accepted', then this might be to your liking.
-Breaking the rules is only allowed FOR SCIENCE! All findings FOR SCIENCE must be reported to me, either through instant messages (I'm talking MSN etc, not personal messages on the forums), or by posting the findings directly in this thread.

Survival Mod(e)

Have you become too used to Rounds 1~4? Want more?
Or maybe you wish 2p survival was tougher to S-Rank.
Well, this mod provides 4 new rounds, faithful to V5 survival, while also offering new challenges, including some perks due to the way SoRMaker and V5 work.
Basically... this is as close to V5-style survival as you're going to get in a mod.
Interested? Well there are rules you're going to have to follow. Don't follow them and all your efforts are considered null, void, & useless.

The Rules
-Go in to Game Options, and set them to these...

I have received confirmation from Bomberlink that V5 Survival is rigged at Hard Mode.
-The only cheats allowed are...
BK Names
Same 2P Character
BK2 Blaze
Beta Max
-Turn all other cheats off!
-Rudra, Elle, and Ash, are NOT allowed to use their Super Specials.
If you use a Super Special, you must quit immediately, and your attempt is void.
To be absolutely sure, disable Police Specials in Miscellaneous Options.
-No using continues, and a co-op fails as a team.
If any player gets the Continue/Game Over choice, then the both players must quit immediately.
-Player 2 must join at the start; no late joining allowed!
-No CPU support or other hacks.
-No using stars! This is why you have to set star moves to X-Button - you will keep doing your basic blitz.
Star moves may ONLY be used via their d-pad codes. Find these in the character profiles (in the shop).
-Each Round has 4 assortments. Cycle through all 4, and never do the same one twice.
-For Crazy People: If you want to S-Rank all 4 assortments of a round, you may stop playing an assortment once it is S-Ranked, and cycle the remaining ones until you get them, continuing until there is just one left - that last one may be retried over and over until you achieve S-Rank.

Scores, Extra Lives, & S-Rank
-At 25k, V5 will give you an extra life. This mod has been balanced (i.e. no chicken for healing) so that the life may be used.
-S-Rank is at 125k. Why? You get an extra life at this score, to let you fight longer!
Solo players get 20'000 points of gold, so overall you need to gain 105'000 points.
-Co-Op S-Rank is when BOTH players have reached 125k.
Co-Op players get 60'000 points in cash/gold each over the course of all ranks. So each player will need to gain at least 65'000 points (that's a minimum total of 130'000 points - considerably more than in V5 survival).
[size=85]Don't worry, this has been thouroughly tested to be challenging without being impossible; Co-Op players also receive food in the S-Rank scene, which can be used in emergency (as well as each player's extra life from hitting 25k, don't forget).[/size]

Boss Rush Rules
-Boss Rush is an Easter Egg mode, which is unlocked by switching to Normal Mode.
-Rules are the same, minus Hard Mode and the whole 125k and S-Rank stuff, since there are no ranks in Boss Rush.
-Solo Medals...
Bronze: Couldn't beat all bosses; didn't achieve 25k.
Silver: Couldn't beat all bosses; achieved 25k.
Gold: Beat all bosses; lost the extra life given at 25k.
Platinum: Beat all bosses; didn't lose the extra life.
-Co-Op Medals...
Disqualified: All bosses defeated; any player lost a life.
Bronze: Couldn't beat all bosses; someone lost a life before any player achieved 25k.
Silver: Couldn't beat all bosses; someone lost a life after a player achieved 25k.
Gold: All bosses defeated; neither player achieved 25k.
Platinum: All bosses defeated; at least one player achieved 25k.

Boss Rush Demo...
Punishment Mode Rules
-These are unlocked by selecting Easy, Very Hard, or Mania difficulty
-There are no rules... have fun... if you can. Twisted Evil
-Mania mode allows you to continue your masochism in any of the 4 rounds, if you're still alive, and want more (of course any ranks you receive are void). While Easy and Very Hard won't let you proceed.

Punishment for Easy Mode Demo...
Punishment for Very Hard or Mania Demo...
Download v1.5: 23MB

v1.4 is still available, and just as valid, since it's just harder
(co-op players needed to get 18'000 more points in total)...
Yep, the first release was v1.4! This has gone through extensive testing and revision.

I'd like to give special thanks to XLHGladiator and XVlido, the Crazy Survival Guys, for helping me make this so perfect.
Seriously, all the updates since v1.1 are thanks to their beta-test reports.

Patch to upgrade v1.4 to v1.5

Rank Structure
Rank D
Face 32 enemies, worth a total of approximately 20'000 points.
At first you only have one, and as you walk forward, more drop in.
Maximum Swarm Size: 4
Often the swarm will dip to size 3.

Once all enemies are defeated, you are given one pineapple to heal.
Co-Op players also receive 2 piles of gold (total worth: 20'000 points).

Rank C
Face 32 enemies, worth a total of approximately 20'000 points.
Swarm Size: 4

Once all enemies are defeated, you are given one pineapple to heal.
Co-Op players also receive 2 piles of gold (total worth: 20'000 points).

Rank B
Face 32 enemies, worth a total of approximately 20'000 points.
Swarm Size: 5

Once all enemies are defeated, you are given one pineapple to heal,
and 2 piles of gold (total worth: 20'000 points).
Co-Op players also receive a chicken (or beef), to heal whoever has the lowest HP.

Rank A
The enemy limit in SoRMaker is 128.
Swarm Size: 6

If you run to the end, you will receive weapons, and possibly an apple (depending on the Round).
Co-Op players receive 2 bundles of gold - each bundle is worth 30'000 points.
There will also be two additional food items, which depending on the round will be either of these...
-1 apple; 1 beef
-1 apple; 1 chicken
-2 apples

Achieve S-Rank when all participants reach 125k.
If you clear all 128 enemies out, run ahead for more.
Survival does not end until you die.

The Rounds
Feel free to swap music, since you may be playing the same round a lot.
All co-op demos were done in v1.4, so don't be freaked out by the excessive difficulty.
Round 5: Moon Beach
Most Common Enemies: SoR1
Most Common Type: Martial Artist
Sub-Boss: Slash
Bosses: Abadede, Antonio, Judo Twin
Music Filenames: 1.ogg & 1a.ogg
Challenge Summary: Tricky enemies are all around, but all of them have solid methods for defeat (i.e. there are no ninjas or kickboxers). Stay in control and this is yours.
Recommended Characters: Blaze & Shiva
Co-Op S-Rank Demo...
Solo S-Rank Demo (all 4 enemy sets)...
Round 6: Biker Bridge
Most Common Enemies: SoR2
Most Common Enemy: Biker2
Sub-Boss: Particle
Bosses: Barbon, Zamza
Music Filenames: 2.ogg & 2a.ogg
Challenge Summary: Swarms of low-level fast-jabbing enemies from start to finish. You need to learn to herd these bastards to survive. Tank characters with ground-superiority dominate here.
Recommended Characters: Max & Adam
Co-Op S-Rank Demo...
Solo S-Rank Demo (all 4 enemy sets)...
Round 7: Flooded Ship
Enemies: SoR2 & SoR3
Most Common Enemy: Electra3
Sub-Boss: Jack
Bosses: Shiva2, Mona/Lisa
Music FIlenames: 3.ogg & 3a.ogg
Challenge Summary: Water will slow you down. Enemies are quick, evasive, and sometimes cheap. Shiva or a Twin will make your life hell, but you only fight one boss every 128 enemies, so just learn to take them out without taking too much hassle from the swarm, and the rest will be simple. Agile characters with air-superiority dominate here.
Recommended Characters: Ash & Elle
Co-Op S-Rank Demo...
Solo S-Rank Demo (all 4 enemy sets)...
Round 8: Robot Factory
Most Common Enemies: SoR3
Most Common Type: Suit
Sub-Boss: Trucker
Bosses: Rocket, Yamato, Mona/Lisa
Music Filenames: 4.ogg & 4a.ogg
Challenge Summary: Prepare for pain. That is all.
Recommended Characters: Rudra & Mr. X
Co-Op S-Rank Demo...

I'm not sure how the conveyors & lasers ended up offset there.
They were originally offset left for me, so I moved them to the right, now when I test from either Maker or V5, they're in the right place. I don't know why those guys didn't experience the same problem.
Oh well, lol.
Solo S-Rank Demo (all 4 enemy sets)...
Note: Round 8 uses Inga Rasen by default, since Cycle II is already used for Round 4.

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