Boss Rushes of Rage - Worst Enemy Placement Ever

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Boss Rushes of Rage - Worst Enemy Placement Ever

Post  Charco on Sat Feb 09, 2013 5:34 pm

Original post by CajNatalie*
After seeing a few mods with bad enemy placement over time... I had the idea of making a troll mod.
Eventually I went with it... this mod uses awful enemy placement. The idea is that the mod is designed to kill you... it is not designed to be beaten on Mania (though it's definitely possible, and I have done so myself).

After some testing, and sharing it with Vecta and Laucorn... turns out that the way I've done this has somehow turned out masochistically fun, and a good way to train.
The V5 Boss Rush too easy for you? I mean... it doesn't use Mania AI, and you only face one at a time... so if you want a new challenge, try this mod.

Basically, this mod demonstrates how NOT to do enemy placement.
eg: Souther is not a swarm enemy. For fucks sake, don't use Souther as a mook! Ever!
In fact SoR1 bosses in general should seldom be used in swarms... the exception being the twins (as long as you don't set them to Onihime/Yasha).


-Murphy (police special) is available everywhere, and you will need him.
The only way to beat this on Mania (without cheats) is to use Murphy, and even then you're screwed.
-Enemies are the same in all routes... what you pick just determines the difficulty
(the presentation and swarm sizes).
-Changing the difficulty also affects swarm sizes (so you have 2 ways to combine difficulty choices).
Easy mode is for cowards.
Normal mode is getting off easy.
Hard mode is recommended for most players.
Very Hard mode is where the pain begins.
Mania mode should expect to fail.
2P mode also adds more enemies.
-Final boss of the route on the right isn't supposed to be won.
It is possible... but you won't win unless you fluke it.

Route Descriptions
Top Left
1 Scene
128 enemies in Very Hard or Above
Wide freecam areas
Fewest enemies on screen at a time
Easiest final boss

Top Middle
2 Scenes
156 enemies in 2P Mania
No freecam
Screen is packed at all times
Best final boss

Top Right
3 Scenes
276 enemies in 2P Mania
Starts with freecam, but then you lose it
Maddening swarm levels, but some enemies can be fought alone before each camlock
Tough final boss

4 scenes
512 enemies in 2P Mania
Wide freecam for first two waves
Small freecam for next three waves
No freecam for final waves
Insane swarm levels, and hazardous scenery
Final boss is pure hell, and it's almost impossible to win on Mania

Chan Defeats Skullfuck Mania as Shiva

I couldn't see how this was possible since he has no police call, but Chan knew how to get through.
If you hit play, prepare for the most epic gameplay ever.

Beating This Mod on Mania
I've managed to beat all 4 routes just so you know it can be done, lol...

Hall of Fame: Video Attempts
Chan Shiva with CPU Max in V5.0a Route 1

Route 3, first attempt with Max, by Realnabarl...

Split into 4 parts, from list:
Plus, route 2 boss fight by Realnabarl...

FlutterShiva defeated Route 2 Mania with no cheats at all. It can be done.

Chan Shiva defeated Route 2 Mania with Exploding Enemies... awesome stuff!

I played as FlutterShiva with my Sonic sound mods activated (for comic relief... this mod is hell on Shiva so I needed some giggles)... first route can be defeated.

Bazzza's 3rd attempt at the mod; 1st attempt at route 2... he thought he had it... but nope, lol. Twisted Evil

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Re: Boss Rushes of Rage - Worst Enemy Placement Ever

Post  celestinx on Sat Nov 21, 2015 3:41 am

As of 21-Nov-2015 the only working link is MediaFire:
I have uploaded another:

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Re: Boss Rushes of Rage - Worst Enemy Placement Ever

Post  KFCutman on Fri Nov 27, 2015 2:22 pm

Wow. This is most certainly something.

Sor2 Shivas and Abadedes as swarm enemies? Count me in!

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Re: Boss Rushes of Rage - Worst Enemy Placement Ever

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