Streets of Rage 3 for V5 *and Bonus Mini-Mod*

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Streets of Rage 3 for V5 *and Bonus Mini-Mod*

Post  Charco on Sat Feb 09, 2013 5:29 pm

Original post by CajNatalie*
At long last!
Ever needed an SoR3 that was faithful to its Japanese original?
One that wasn't too easy, but still kept an Easy mode that was not only completable but actually... easy, y'know?
Or perhaps an actual SoR3 route in V5?

Well, here you are!
With some of the most complete difficulty scaling possible!
I mean, difficulty changes are the main difference between BKIII and SoR3, so I took great pains to cross-examine both of them and translate them in to the Easy-Mania of V5.
In particular, Very Hard mode is perhaps the best possible hybrid of BKIII V Hard and SoR3 Normal.
It's the perfect difficulty. *boasts*

A few pieces of rather important stuff before you download, though... if you don't read it, it's your own fault what happens, lol.
-Stage 2 will give you epilepsy. Turn down the brightness on your monitor before entering the disco.
-In Stage 4-1, fight in the bottom left and top right of the screen. The tracks can't do 'rumble warnings' in SoRMaker, but I've found that doing this keeps you safe, since the machine only comes from the left at the top and the right at the bottom. More tips to avoid it? Stereo sound means you can hear whether it's coming from the right (and therefore the bottom) or left (and therefore the top) a moment before it enters the screen. Most importantly, there seems to be a line of pixels at the very top and very bottom where the machine can't hit you whatsoever - if you fail at dodging it, then abuse at your desire!
-(Sane) Mania players may want to switch to Very Hard! No really... Stage 4 will kill you... repeatedly. So will Stage 5. Especially if you have a Timer on. Very Hard and Mania have the same enemies... the only difference is that Mania is filled with all the most ridiculous HP from both SoR3 2P Hard and BKIII Very Hard, while this mod's Very Hard has reasonable HP. If you play Mania anyway and hate it by Stage 4, you have been warned so it's your own damn fault. Even if you didn't read this... it's your own damn fault for not reading, lol.
-Read the Difficulty Guide for more info on the V Hard & Mania difference.
-Stage 6 is composed of so many scenes it actually uses some of Stage 7 & 8's slots in SoRMaker.
Ignore any 'Stage Clear' screens you get along the way.
-Another thing about Stage 6 is that you can roam about as you please only until you hit a Control Room. After that, you will be taken to the other floor. To save the General, hit the second Control Room... to waste time and let him die, go to a trap room first.
-When fighting Jet, Helicopter support is activated (in homage to Adam shooting down the Rockets at the end in the original). Make sure Jet's toes are touching the ground when using it (otherwise, especially on Mania, you could be in for a longer battle than you'd like).
-Did I mention that Solo Mania is for crazy people? Both good- and bad-ending routes take just under 2 hours! Play Very Hard if you're not up for a marathon. It has the same enemies - but not ridiculous HP.


Alternate Music Pack (stuff thrown together from the UST)

MediaFire 3-part linked rar (you need all 3 pieces for extraction to work)...

SoR3 Graphical Resource Kit
Note: When a stage was altered for the westernisation, the Japanese original was used.

Bonus Content: Adam's Story - Made in Collaboration with Badjab
In the Good Ending route, haven't you ever wanted to play Adam as he exposes the phony General?
Well, now there's a mini-mod that can let you do that, expanded a little to include Max.
Adam can finally get revenge for getting captured in SoR2, and gets his spotlight as a hero by saving the gang at the end of SoR3.
Here's a little teaser of Stage 1, leading to the start of Stage 2...

Important Info on Last Boss
There is a timer, because the lab's gonna blow and you have to save the gang before it's too late.
Go for the guy who's name is in the dialogue.
He stands out from all the others; you can't miss him - once he goes down it's Stage Clear (i.e. you don't have to beat 'everyone', lol).
In 2P mode there are two of him - both flagged as 'boss' (i.e. you have to beat both of them to win).

I'm not an Adam player but I've tested on Mania with him and it's very doable as long as you don't waste time on his mooks.
If he goes off screen, there's freecam, so you can lure him back by running away from the edge he's hidden off of, then running back and getting behind him to herd him in to the middle of the freecam zone.

We needed something that could top Shiva as the final boss... this was perfect.


Like the Mini-Mod? Want More?!
Adam's Story - Extended:

Difficulty Guide: Bare Knuckle Modes
: This is pretty much BKIII Easy. The only exceptions will be enemies who aren't scaled for every difficulty (these appear mostly in early stages, and become increasingly rare as the game goes on), but this is so easy these mildly stronger enemies may be welcomed. Note that these 'unscaled' enemies may be of either localisation, depending on which one had the HP used.
This difficulty does exactly what it says on the tin. You should breeze through this.
Normal: A pretty close match to BKIII Normal. However, in stages with a lot of enemies, which limited me in how many duplicates I could make for each enemy across each difficulty, you may find the odd enemy with rather high HP. But this is uncommon.
Overall this is aimed at casual players who don't want to be stressed by challenge but don't want it too easy, either.
Hard: Enhanced BKIII Hard. Provides a pretty good Bare Knuckle III experience, enhanced here and there by the occasional SoR3 Easy enemy with higher HP than their BKIII Hard counterpart. Bosses will often use the SoR3 Easy mode version, instead of the BKIII lazy-scaled version which only had 8HP difference over the Normal mode one.
This is the typical difficulty for skilled non-Mania players.

Streets of Rage Modes
Very Hard
: This uses all the enemies of BKIII V Hard / SoR3 Hard - i.e. the maximum number of enemies (note: there is an exception in Stage 6 - see below). HP levels are the highest out of each SoR3 Normal and BKIII V Hard variant for each enemy. Meanwhile, any 'maximum difficulty only' enemies will use the lowest HP out of their BKIII V Hard and SoR3 2P Hard mode variants.
This is also known as the 'Sane Person's Solo Mania'.
Mania: The same enemies as Very Hard (note: there is an exception in Stage 6 - see below), but almost exclusively composed of their SoR3 2P Hard mode versions. In the case where an enemy is actually weaker in SoR3 2P Hard than in BKIII V Hard, then the BKIII version is used! As a result, this contains the maximum enemies with maximum HP. It gets ridiculous starting from Stage 4. If you try this solo with a timer, you're almost guaranteed to time out!
Recommended for two players, crazy people, and masochists.
On the other hand, while testing I've found the 'time attack' effect the massive enemy HP provides to be pretty exhilarating. If a race against time is your thing... you could like this a lot.
This is also kn- TIME OUT
P.S. Setting the death type to SoR will reset the timer if you get your ass kicked by normal means. This can help reduce the stress of Mania a little.

Stage 6 Exceptions: In Stage 6, SoR3 actually has an enemy here and there who's been completely removed. These enemies have been bumped up one difficulty to reflect that.
For Very Hard only enemies who are completely gone from SoR3 Hard, that means that they are one of the few exclusively Mania Only enemies (for example: P-3 at the start of Stage 6 does not have a counterpart in SoR3).
Ash: Out of pure obsessive compulsion, I put Ash in this 'bump up' rule, too... so he's now Normal & Above (Easy players will skip him).

2P Mode: Both 2P BKIII Very Hard & 2P SoR3 Hard add the exact same enemies.
The toughest HPs of these additional enemies are used... this almost always means SoR3's ones (there has been the odd BKIII enemy here and there who's made it in to the 2P Only ranks, though... they're not all weaklings).

[your video(s) here]
Blaze Good Ending on Hard Mode by Neo Metal Shadow
My own Mania Marathons
I am one of those craaaazy people who's willing to take on Solo Mania... twice...
The Good Ending demo has been replaced with a newer run... since I lost a continue originally. It's a much better performance than the last one.

Watch as little or as much as you like.

2P Solo Mania

I barely survived... controlling Shiva & Blaze simultaneously I beat Robot Y with x0 each.

Stages & Scenes while this mod was Under Construction
Go to this thread to see Mania videos by scene, and Very Hard videos by stage.
These are all obviously beta, and may have changed in a small way or two.

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Re: Streets of Rage 3 for V5 *and Bonus Mini-Mod*

Post  Security on Wed Mar 09, 2016 5:12 pm

Thank you for the "Bare Knuckle" story, approach, revival! It was very enjoyable! Saving the general troubled me (had to replay more than 2-3 times to find the second generator room before he kicked the bucket), but it was very polished and enjoyable, as a mod! Lovable, in every aspect! Thanks again for the treat!

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Re: Streets of Rage 3 for V5 *and Bonus Mini-Mod*

Post  CajNatalie on Wed Mar 09, 2016 5:14 pm

Security wrote:Thank you for the "Bare Knuckle" story, approach, revival! It was very enjoyable! Saving the general troubled me (had to replay more than 2-3 times to find the second generator room before he kicked the bucket), but it was very polished and enjoyable, as a mod! Lovable, in every aspect! Thanks again for the treat!
Consider this an extremely Alpha build of what's to come.
Honestly, it sucks now. Razz

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Re: Streets of Rage 3 for V5 *and Bonus Mini-Mod*

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