Streets of Rage for V5 - New & Improved (v2.3)

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Streets of Rage for V5 - New & Improved (v2.3)

Post  Charco on Sat Feb 09, 2013 5:25 pm

Original post by CajNatalie*
Patched v2.3 Released.

This is no simple update... hence the new topic (please delete the old one, and fix the link in the big list).
I rebuilt the whole thing scene-by-scene. It is a completely new build.

For the old school fans, who love the original in all its glory.
Streets of Rage 2 may hold the most popularity.
Streets of Rage 3 may be the newest and have the most fluid mechanics.
But the first will always hold a special place in our hearts...
Back in our day, even real life didn't have graphics this good.
Pixelated schmixelated - the stages were brilliant.
Back in our day, you had one sound effect for 20 things, and you came to love that sound effect.
Back in our day... Streets of Rage - the Classic - the Original - was the best damn game out there.

Before the download, read this stuff... t'is important!
Stage 7: In getting the barrier to work, the floor became a bit sticky under it. Wiggle around; jump kick; turn around; whatever... it's easy to escape and easy to adapt to. You regain a bit of health each time the elevator stops, to make up for any issues this may cause.
Mr X: If you keep walking left instead of picking Yes/No, you get the 'Fight to the Death'.
Make sure friendly damage is ON!!!
Once you've finished brutalising your former ally, walk to X. He will then ask you a new Yes/No question.
Choose No for the Bad Ending. Yes will send you back to Stage 6 and you'll be destined for a Good Ending again (Jump to Stage cannot choose scenes, so it uses the same jump as the first Yes).

Uploading to other sources is highly appreciated. Let me know and I will update this post with your link.

Alternate Music Pack
The default music is 16-Bit.
But here is some stuff from the UST to swap if you want...

SoR Resources
Graphical resources used to create this mod; scaled for SoRRv5.

Difficulty Levels
Easy: Easy
Normal: Normal
Hard: Hard
Very Hard/Mania: Hardest - Mania gives certain enemies and all bosses a noticeable final nudge in HP. Very Hard is almost the same as Hard, but simply with the AI boosted and some subtle HP changes.
2P: All additional enemies found in 2P Hardest are here.

Full Mania Demo; Answered 'Yes' to Mr. X

Full Solo 2P Mania Demo; Also Answered 'Yes' to Mr. X

Hard Run as Adam by Neo Metal Shadow

Mania Demos by Stage During Reconstruction

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Re: Streets of Rage for V5 - New & Improved (v2.3)

Post  Kormann on Wed Mar 18, 2015 11:00 pm

Did you test it with v5.1, should it work?


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Re: Streets of Rage for V5 - New & Improved (v2.3)

Post  TheWolfe on Wed Mar 25, 2015 4:08 pm

I'm on a mod playing spree lately, so I'll test out SoR V5 for you.

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Re: Streets of Rage for V5 - New & Improved (v2.3)

Post  CajNatalie on Wed Sep 09, 2015 4:46 pm

This one's getting a pixel perfect build from the ground up.
Properly ripped and extended; no graphical scaling.
Much more attention paid to enemy health values, alternate versions of each enemy, and the effect of Hardest.
Also considering a whole extra buttload of goodies, if I can. Get ready, because the current version of this mod is shit compared to what I'm capable of now.

SoR for V5 was the mod I learned to use the Maker and got familiar with classic enemy placement with, so the current release is really nothing much compared to other mods out there.

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Re: Streets of Rage for V5 - New & Improved (v2.3)

Post  Don Vecta on Tue Sep 15, 2015 7:05 pm

I'm gonna lock this one, with a link for the development thread. Trust me, has some real good shit coming up, including the routes for the GG, SMS, and...


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Re: Streets of Rage for V5 - New & Improved (v2.3)

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