SOR: VR virtual reality missions

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SOR: VR virtual reality missions

Post  celestinx on Sat Feb 09, 2013 12:38 pm

[Added 25th of May]

Name: Streets of rage: VR – virtual reality missions by Celestin X COMPLETED mod

New Download Link: (11.8mb) [no password]

version 2 updated 26th of may -
- fixes level two hole bug where if the boss was thrown down the level wont end.

- adds one new area - level2b

if you have already downloaded v1 and have downloaded v2 please delete v1 1st then put in v2. thank you.


The team needs to re-train their skills in the new VR system which will seem like real life.
In the VR machine the team needs to pass 5 missions to complete their training.
Once training has finished they are allowed to join the fight on the streets of rage.


- 7 custom made levels/area's
- 5 non sor/sorr music tracks [you can try to guess where from]
- Simple story with cut scene’s and script
- Collision maps (holes in the floor to fall down)
- A working elevator/lift level
- All area’s are allowed to use the police special function
- One route

[after looking at the results of my poll in the other thread I will add multi routes in my up and coming huge mod (streets of rage ultimate) but it will be some time before such a huge mod will be finished]


Screen shots taken in sorr maker mode [the amount of enemies in the final version may not be the same as in these work in progress screen shots]


[coming soon…..I hope]

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